Although we GET to go to Florida a lot…

It is not all fun and games people!

Okay, it is partially for me as I like to do interior/exterior design projects!

But Jim, and even my step father, gets the harder end of the work stick at times!

Here is our quick look-see at our last adventure of the summer!

Although I would like it to say it really started off with play…

Before we even got to the house from the airport we shopped for some needed appliances and a bed…
With Success! And all on sale…thank you Labor Day Weekend!

I am so proud of my “Hard-to-Make-Quick-Decisions” Jim!

But the play did start the next day…
After the appliances got delivered, that is!

From Labor Day Vacay

Our Beach!

From Labor Day Vacay

Fun in the Sun and Sea!

From Labor Day Vacay

This is a photo of the Sun and Clouds from just under the Sea!

From Labor Day Vacay

Yippy…Now this is vacation time!

Wait…that did not last long!

From Bed Project

The Work Part!

Jim and I worked on a project of making a new bed frame together…a funky upcycled bed frame!

Of course it was my crazy idea and you can see how we did it and the outcome at my creative blog: OUR OWN BIG WORLD! Put on a Platform !

Jim and I are getting good at working on projects together…

From Bed Project

He hung the curtain wires…

From Bed Project

And I hung the netted curtains.

As usually…I come up the idea and fortunately Jim does half the work!

Usually, our projects come out really well!
See another one of our projects here: OUR OWN BIG WORLD! Project for Two !

Well, that is where our group projects ended, but the projects did not!

When my parents visited, while my Mom and I worked hard to look for new material for some folding deck chairs my neighbor and I garbage picked (oh, yes we did)…

From Bed Project

Jim and my Step Father found out our sprinkler system motor was dead!

Five to seven hot sweaty hard working hours later, they replaced it with a new one!

And after that was done, they went to trying to fix our ailing wall oven.

Thanks to my Step Father…he figured out the mixed wire situation in the panel. We are still perplexed how they got that way?

Just to let you know my Mom and I were not slacking…we also went thrifting and did some redecorating!

From Bed Project

The cool old brass fish I got for Jim at a local thrift store.

He likes to have sea/beach touches around the 3 blocks from the beach house!

From Bed Project

My Jim Jim also like water elements, like this one which also rings its own bells!

And it rings my bell too!

And you got to love this big turquoise ceramic shell…

From Bed Project

Well, Jim and I do!

I am tired just looking at all that decorating we did!

But the work was not done for my parents!

I sent them home with the deck chairs and the material as Mom is going to sew new seating and my Step-Dad is going to paint them.

Doesn’t every one put their 75-year-old parents to work?

They Rock…and sew…and paint…and fix things really well!

From Wedding – Dawn’s Family


But Lo and Behold…The Work Continued!

From Bed Project

Well, at least finally finding the perfect outdoor lighting!

From Bed Project

And figuring out how to easily decorate our back patio (so it can easily be put out and removed for our short stays).

So far, this is all we got!

And now to the important things in life!

From Labor Day Vacay

Back to the beach!

From Labor Day Vacay


From Labor Day Vacay

Jim’s new bathing suit…nice angle eh?

We look all relaxed and pleasant…But Dawn could not let that be so!

I actually sprained my ankle! After jumping over a wave I came down on my foot oddly and painfully! I wanted to play in the water so bad, I kept on going with a boogie board in hand and sunglasses on! But for crying out loud…Another wave came which is was not ready for and last minute I tried to dive under it with the boogie board. I was too late and the big wave smashed the boogie board hard into my face, mashing my sunglasses even harder into the right side of my nose causing me even more pain.

At at that point, Jim forced me back to the beach!

I had to laugh though…I grew up in the ocean and it was like my first time ever in it!

But I did not let that ruin my day…nor was I going to let the sea get the best of me. After a rest, I went back in, boogie board free and had a blast!

And I even came up with a new rating for waves!

woo: A little wave you can jump over.
WOO: A big wave you can jump over without much trouble.
Woo Hoo: A big wave you can jump over but getting lots of water in the face!
Dang: A big wave you thought you could jump over!
Holy Moley: A big wave you have to dive under!


Holy Shit: A big wave you dive under, but also get tossed around a bit!

That Folks…Is how I make an adventure out of almost everything!

And then we chilled at a cool ocean deck bar and restaurant!

From Labor Day Vacay

It was at a hotel and there was pool crashing, but no photos were taken to protect the guilty!

Toasts to our last night in town!

From Labor Day Vacay

Sparkling Wine in Glass For Me!

From Labor Day Vacay

Beer in Plastic for Jim!

From Labor Day Vacay

And Good Night Folks!

Great Trip South and I personally, was not ready to leave!

I had heard it was getting chilly up north, but when we got here it was very lovely!

And to get a bite to eat on our way home from the airport, we stopped at our favorite Bahn Mi place (and maybe the only one in within 100 miles) in Hadley, MA and came upon a yard sale where I scored!

In my world, that is an awesome end to a great adventure!

Those finds may be for sale soon! Check out my shop: OUR OWN BIG WORLD!

By the way The GnoMAD PAD Kitchen Called…

From Bed Project




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