50. Yes, Fifty.

As Some of You Know…



And As Some of You Know…


Check Out This Blog Post to See Where We Moved:  OLD SHACK STALKING !!

We had Big Plans for My Big Birthday…

But that Changed.

I have Always Felt Change is Good.  

So I Decided to Own this Change…

And Made My Own Plans.

I Read Somewhere That Someone Did “50 Things” in Their 50th Year!

So I Started on MY OWN 50 Things in My 50th Year.

The First was my “5 P” Birthday Weekend!


From 5 P Weekend


From 5 P Weekend


From 5 P Weekend


From 5 P Weekend


From 5 P Weekend

It was Such a Success in Ways I Did not Even Plan!
And Not…

Because I went to the most awesome 125 year old resort where all the mucky mucks wintered before Florida was developed that is on the small island  of Jekyll Island off the coast of South Georgia!

And Not…

From 5 P Weekend

Because I went to my first ever Auction at an Estate Sale!

They even auctioned of the liquor! But not the great wallpaper below!

And Not…

From 5 P Weekend

Because I got some great photos!

And Not…

From 5 P Weekend

Because I met so many great People (or Horses)!

But Because…

From 5 P Weekend

My Jim Surprised Me on My Birthday.

From 5 P Weekend

You See He Had Started a Month Long Session of 13 Hours a Day 6-7 Days a Week.

And I Just Knew That He Could Not Get The Time Off…

And Oddly Enough I was Okay with It.

From 5 P Weekend

Best Birthday Present Ever!


And Now…

I Just Back from #2 on my 50 Things!

A Cruise!

From The Cruise

My First Ever!

5 Days with 5 Great Women!

From The Cruise

Bunny, Who I know!

The Rest…
I Know Now!

Crazy Lorraine…

From The Cruise

And Yes She Danced On Top of With Me!

Quiet Donna…

From The Cruise

Who Surprised Me Several Times!

Silly Sue…

From The Cruise

Who Just Kept On Smiling!

and Birthday Girl Dawn…
(Yes, Another Birthday Girl Dawn!)
The Cruise Was for Her Birthday and She is a Friend of Bunny’s!

From The Cruise

Who Was Nothing Less Than Audrey Hepburn the Whole Time!

We Stopped In Key West…

Where we Drank…

From The Cruise

And I Took Photos…

From The Cruise

Of Course…

From The Cruise

And Did Not Stop!

From The Cruise

Okay, I did stop!

It was Fun Dressing Nice For Our Nice Dinners…

From The Cruise

Every Night!

From The Cruise

Every Single Night!

From The Cruise

Okay…I Missed getting a Photo of one Night!

And the Last Night I went Sun-Dress Casual!

From The Cruise

We Also Danced!

From The Cruise

And Danced Some More!

From The Cruise

And We Were Not Done Yet!

From The Cruise


I Danced Here…

By Myself!

From The Cruise

Shame on Your Girls!

Our Other Activities Were…


From The Cruise


From The Cruise


From The Cruise

Did I mention Drinking?

From The Cruise

There was even Buddy Drinking…

From The Cruise


And Water Sliding in Cozumel!

Which Came About…

After Drinking!

From The Cruise

And Swinging!

From The Cruise

There Also Was Eating!

From The Cruise


I did not eat those cute little sweet swans!

But at that Brunch I did eat this…

From The Cruise

Oh, Yes I did!

Salmon & Sweets!

And Of Course I Took More Photos…

From The Cruise

Of These Things…

From The Cruise

Who Knew…

From The Cruise

I Had a Thing for Life Preservers?

Maybe it was the 14 months in Honduras drinking Salva Vidas (beer)!!

From The Cruise

I Know Now!


It is the time I say…

“Good Bye!” From Club Matalan and Princesses Dawn and Bunny!

From The Cruise

I can not wait to get to #3 on My List of List of 50 Things…

#3 is setting up a brick & mortar booth “shopito” in a Vintage Store near where I live!

But I am not sure what #4 is yet!

Would Love More Girlfriend Weekends/Trips…Girls????

Can be with just one Girlfriend or a Group…I am Open!

Thanks for All My Birthday Wishes!






~ by My Gnome Little World on March 1, 2014.

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